Anchorage Faith & Action • Congregations Together (AFACT) was created in 2003 by eight congregations to organize, empower, and mobilize local faith communities to address quality of life issues affecting the community. Since its inception, congregation members have stepped into leadership roles on issues such as education, youth recreation, public safety and healthcare.

AFACT’s congregation-based community organizing is, at its core, about people.  In the words of AFACT’s leaders:

“It does something to your life when you become a member of AFACT.  You want to go out there and reach out to more people…AFACT is doing something great and giving people a chance to speak out too, when otherwise they couldn’t.  We emerged from under.”   -Gemma Gaudio

“For me, the best part of AFACT is visiting people and listening to their problems so that together we can become strong.  I am learning how to help my community.”  -Cristina Cuenca

“Working with AFACT has stretched me and encouraged me to connect with others.  I’ve never seen myself as contributing to the community, but AFACT has been a conduit to get involved. It makes me feel good to be a part of something that does good in the world.” –Jody Komis

Since 2003, AFACT has grown to include 16 member congregations that represent thousands of Anchorage residents.

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